At Spinnaker we are firmly focused on helping companies manage their transformation to become an adaptive enterprise that can react to change, leveraging a customer centric and learning led approach to drive growth.  

As a team immersed in Lean Startup and Agile thinking, we apply many of the core principles embodied by those approaches in our consulting work. Specifically for engagements such as this we operate as follows:

  1. We define hypotheses with expected outcomes as the starting point and work to validate or invalidate those outcomes.  

  2. We incorporate learnings as we go, collaborating with client sponsors on pivots to ensure that the deliverables and support are providing consistent value to the client.

  3. We make plans but don’t lock ourselves into them. Just as we counsel product teams to establish a roadmap not as a set of features but as a set of open questions to be validated, we do the same with our engagements.  

  4. We use regular retrospectives both internally and in collaboration with clients to identify successes, opportunities for improvement and open issues to be clarified.


We have a deep, first hand understanding of the complexity inherent in the journey to move global organizations to a completely new mindset and way of working. The drivers for that change may differ, the domains in which companies operate maybe hugely variable but the challenge remains consistent. Enterprise wide transformation takes time, takes persistence and resilience.

To be successful we believe companies need to take a holistic view of the change they are driving building a strong sustainable and scalable foundation for the transformation. 

We bring that holistic view to all of our clients when supporting their transformation. We look at the following dimensions  

  • Culture - 
  • People - 
  • Best Practice - 
  • Portfolio - 
  • Lifecycle - 
  • Governance - 

It takes agility Not as a buzzword but as a means of creating value for customers and the companies who create it. We understand the complexities of change better than anyone because we have lived through it. We have learned the lessons first hand. 


Our values

The problem with which we are repeatedly presented: How to engineer an organization to handle the market, technology and financial disruptions they are seeing in their domain?

We help you transition from a legacy businesses to find new business models using new ways of working and modern tools.

  1. We help you reinvent yourself.

  2. We help you change.

  3. We help you find new business models.

  4. We help you build a pipeline of new growth opportunities as they navigate through long term disruption to their business.

We do this by deploying disciplined adaptive portfolio approach to deliver on strategy and react to change, a Lifecycle framework supported by incremental funding, decentralized decision making. and adaptive allocation of capital based on evidence rather than commitment to a plan.

We focus on establishing a Lean and Agile mindset for products and executive teams; Product investment governance oriented around innovation; and Data-led decision making.