Transformation Consulting

To truly transform a large enterprise or even a business within one, it takes time and commitment. Our consulting services help transformation leaders and their teams develop the skills necessary to sustain that commitment with engagements that range from short 1 week sprints to multiple months 

Working collaboratively with key stakeholders we build the structures, artifacts, and mindset to enable your organization to build a Lean Enterprise. This collaboration often takes the form of ongoing design work that builds on our experience with other companies combined with the customer's deep understanding of the culture and dynamics of their business. 

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Transformation Workshop

This  workshop is for business leaders, Innovation executives & Strategy Executives with a focus on the framework and best practices needed to understand:

  • the goals of your Lean Transformation
  • the boosters and blockers you will encounter during your journey
  • your first/next step forward. 

During our work at a variety of global companies we have recognized patterns in successful transformation initiatives. We share those lessons and help transformation leaders identify where they are tracking well and where they may be opportunities for additional focus. 

Workshop agenda:

Why transformation is needed

  • Build a shared understanding of the key drivers of disruption
  • Identify the burning platform in your business

What effective transformations look like

  • Introduce and analyze the core components of Lean Enterprise Transformation: Lifecycle framework, Product Development best practices, Investment Governance, Portfolio Management and Community & Culture.
  • Review case studies of transformation journeys inside large enterprises identifying key lessons, strategies, and artifacts

How to deliver effective transformation

  • Design a customized roadmap to chart your organization's path forward - i.e Where to start, what tactics to use? 

You can see the slides from a recent Transformation Journey Workshop here

Keynote Delivery

We regularly deliver keynotes to small and large audiences. The focus here is often on driving an ongoing push to change the mindset of key leaders and executives in the company.

Past topics have included:

  • Connecting Strategy to Execution
  • Changing the role of leaders in an age of disruption
  • Th ingredients of an Adaptive Portfolio Management approach

Keynotes are generally one-off engagements with a delivery time of between 30 and 90 minutes..

image courtesy of Lean Startup Co

image courtesy of Lean Startup Co

Transformation Journey Tools

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Our transformation canvas helps you map out:

  • Your current activity against the lenses of Mindset and Mechanics
  • Your next steps,
  • The gaps in your transformation program

Provide your company email and a quick note about your current state of transformation and you'll have access to download the canvas pdf. 


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