Lean Enterprise innovation accelerator


Workshop participants evaluate a pitch during governance role play



Based on our experience with various clients we have designed this program of work to help companies quickly get to an MVP of a working, validated governance model. 

We leverage agile and lean startup best practices such as co-creation, iterative design and rapid integration of learnings. By the end of the accelerator companies establish the capacity to start making evidence based, incremental investment decisions across a portfolio. 

The specific outcomes this program delivers are:

  • MVP of the Product Lifecycle stage-gate framework 
  • MVP of the Governance model (including decision making bodies, roles and responsibilities, mindset, training) resulting in real product investment decisions being made
  • Clarity on Open Design Questions as basis for continued iteration
  • Establish the foundation for scaling Lean Governance across the organization including a roadmap and a clear coaching and training plan


Typically the first accelerator program lasts for 8-9 weeks. Follow on accelerators build on the learnings from the first instance and in several cases we have been able to ramp up subsequent business units in as little as a 3 day workshop.