Lessons from Amazon’s Intentional Innovation

It’s always tricky deciphering attempts at innovation when we are looking in from outside of large enterprises. Timothy Lee helps us peel back some layers from some prominent examples in his post on Vox exploring How Amazon innovates in ways that Google and Apple can’t.

What are some of the key takeaways for anyone challenged with delivering growth through innovation inside their company?

  1. Know your innovation buckets
  2. Experiment regardless of experience
  3. Constrain early investment capital regardless of opportunity size
  4. Embrace fast failure to avoid epic failure....

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Building an Innovation Marketplace

Innovation at scale is hard to pull off. Some of the best thinking happening today in the innovation space is focused on training product teams to develop a mindset using Lean Startup, Customer driven development, fast learning, agile development approaches. I’m a big fan of all of those and spend my days consulting and training large organizations to do just that. But this is a classic case of necessary but not sufficient. Instead of just focusing on the mindset of teams selling their innovation ideas into the portfolio pipeline, we have to bring a concurrent focus to changing the mindset of decision makers who are the targeted buyers; The senior executives writing checks to fund the best ideas that emerge. In other words, for innovation to succeed at scale inside a large enterprise, we need an efficient innovation marketplace.

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Vodafone Innovation panel

Innovation at scale comes from collaboration, communication and formulation across the enterprise. Innovation at scale is also an effortless don;t make me think, don;t make me wait, but make me care endeavor. These and other great insights at the September 8, 2016 Vodafone America Enterprise Innovation NYC Forum addressing the issue at large that “businesses live in the era of innovation. Whether it is through improving a retail experience, delivering more efficient health care, or providing new ways for employees to work anytime, anywhere. As a result businesses are challenged to embrace the innovation process more than ever before. No small fete, especially when the benefits of most innovations are only realized when they can be brought to scale.”

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Lean Startup in the Enterprise – Prepare For A Bumpy Road

Applying Lean Startup seems to be the magic formula for innovation success in the enterprise, as we hear about it a lot. But do we actually know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to applying Lean Startup in established companies?

To answer these important questions we talked with experts who work with big companies, as well as innovation practitioners from within these organizations – both applying the Lean Startup methodology [including Sonja Kresojevic]

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